Short Circuit in the Power Supply

In case of short circuit in the power supply, it may cause damage to your equipment. It may cause a spark which can be a potential fire hazard. In such cases, you need to contact an electrician without delay because some of the power supply cables may need to be replaced.

Short Circuit in the Neutral Wire

The neutral wire is always white in color. A short circuit in the neutral wire will cause a loss of power to the equipment. This can happen if you place metal objects on metal surface because it can cause a short circuit.


If the equipment is drawing an excessive amount of current that may damage the wires and power supply. In such case, you need to turn off the breaker immediately to avoid any damage to your equipment.

Low Voltage

If the voltage supply is lower than what is required for the certain equipment. This may cause overheating or burning of the wires. You can solve this by using a transformer, however; you need to consult an electrician before doing so.

No current flow

If there is no current flow at all this may mean the circuit breaker is turned off or the power supply has been shut off. You should always turn on the main power supply before connecting your equipment.

Shorted or Damaged Fuse

Fuses are designed to protect your equipment from getting damaged in case there is a short circuit. If the fuse is blown out, you should replace it with a new one of the same value.

Faulty Receptacle

Receptacles can become faulty or damaged due to constant use.

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