The Casio Fx-991EX Professional Scientific Calculator For Engineering And Architecture Students Is A Portable Computer With High Performance Processor, Memory, Graphics Capability, Display Screen And More Features.

It Has An Integrated Digital Sound Card, Built-In Microphone And Speakers. It Can Be Used To Perform Math Problems Or Calculate Data.

The Casio Fx-991Ex Is Great For Everyday Use, Such As Simple Math, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry And Much More. The Casio Fx-991Ex Is Also Great For Professional Use, Such As Engineering Work, Financial Calculations, Physics Formulas And More.

The Casio Fx-991Ex Can Be Used For All Types Of Purposes Such As At Home Or At Work.

Graphics Display, Sound Capabilities And Durable Design.

Over 530 Functions Include Complex Numbers, Linear Programming, Statistics And More.

Solar-Powered Battery With 5 MB Of Internal Memory.

Convenient USB Port For Data Transfer And Battery Charging.

Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) Entry Mode For Fast, Simplified Entry.

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