The best heavy duty guillotine paper cutter for card making is the one which will not only make your job easier but also save you time and money. You may need to buy several different types of papers to make cards with. These papers are expensive and it’s difficult to get them at a reasonable price. Paper cutter machine will allow you to get the most from your money.

It will also help you achieve good results in much less time. If you are making cards for gifts then quality and appearance are equally important. This is where guillotine paper cutter will come in handy. It is a heavy duty paper cutter which makes it possible to cut several pieces of papers at the same time. This is not possible with other types of paper cutters.

You can cut several layers of paper at the same time thanks to extra large guillotine style cutting arm and cutting platform. This feature also makes it possible to cut several different types of cardboard at the same time. Such large cutting mechanism can be turned easily thanks to large handle located on top of the machine.

One of the most important features of guillotine paper cutter is the ability to cut papers and cardboard of different thickness. The cutting blade is located on an angle which makes it possible to cut different thicknesses. The blade is also very long and covered with tungsten carbide which makes it possible to cut through the thickest papers and cardboard. You can also replace the blade when it gets dull or damaged.

The table is large and made from cast aluminum. This makes it possible to cut papers and cardboard of different thickness without damaging the paper cutter itself. The table is also equipped with dividing tray which can be adjusted to various heights. This will allow you to achieve accurate and straight cuts every time.

There is also a built-in locking system. This is to prevent papers or cardboard from sliding or moving when you make the cut. The vinyl rollers on the bottom and two locking wheels on the back can also contribute to increased stability.

You can choose from several different colors when it comes to buying this paper cutter. The frame is available in black or silver finish while the table is available in transparent blue, green, red or yellow. All of the color combinations look great but transparent table is especially eye-catching.

For increased safety the machine is equipped with automatic shut off system which turns it off after couple of minutes of inactivity. This prevents accidents and unnecessary injuries. You can save money on electricity bills too. The machine has its own on/off button and requires only minimal assembly (such as wheels, knobs and handles).

When not in use you can fold down the cutting arm and roll it away in a corner. This will not only save space but also prevent possible damage to the paper cutter.

You can use large guillotine paper cutter to cut out cardboard, paper, balsa wood, fabric, magnetic sheet, vinyl sheet and even metal.

This machine is not recommended for children. Keep away from fire.

Where to useGuillotine paper cutter is designed for heavy duty use. This means that it is not intended for domestic use. It is more of a workshop machine which is used by large companies, print shops, photocopying centers and schools. It is designed for cutting large quantities of cardboard, paper, vinyl, fabric and other materials.

This paper cutter can be used for printing companies, book and newspaper publishers, sign makers, photocopying centers and other types of print shops.

It is also used in hobby, crafting and scrapbooking.


As you probably already know guillotine paper cutter has several advantages over other types of paper cutters. First of all, it is a durable machine which can withstand regular and intensive use. It is made out of sturdy metal which prevents it from falling apart or getting damaged by regular use. The foldable design allows you to save space and store the paper cutter away when not in use.

When folded, it takes just about the same space as standard office printer. Guillotine paper cutter is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is place the material that needs to be cut under the cutting arm and lock it into place. This can be done with one hand. When you release the locking knob, the cutting process starts automatically. Nothing could be easier!

Other types of paper cutters can look slightly more elegant, but they simply can’t compete with guillotine paper cutter when it comes to functionality and efficiency. This machine was specifically designed for cutting purposes. It is going to perform this task better than anything else. Even the most basic guillotine paper cutter can beat brand new electric paper cutter with its amazing speed and efficiency.

The robust design and durable materials guarantee long life of your cutting machine. The fact that it can be folded away allows you to store it in a small space when it is not in use. This is very convenient if you don’t have large work space.


When it comes to disadvantages, there aren’t many. Guillotine paper cutter can be a bit challenging to assemble. It is not difficult, but it does require some time and attention to detail. You will have to set the cutting arm at the right height and lock it in place.

This has to be done every time you set up the machine, but it is very simple and can be done with one hand.

Guillotine paper cutter requires some maintenance now and then. You have to oil the blade from time to time to prevent it from rusting. This is very simple and takes just a few seconds.

The cutting width of this machine is limited. You can’t cut materials that are thicker than 4 or 5 centimeter. This is not a problem for most types of paper and cardboard, but obviously not all materials are compatible with this machine.

You have to use the right cutting technique if you don’t want your material to get damaged. Guillotine paper cutter is very unforgiving when it comes to poor cutting technique. Make sure you push the materials firmly against the blade. If you don’t do that you might damage your material or the blade.

You can’t make really curved cuts. You can only cut straight lines and even then the angles have to be pretty wide.


Many people underestimate the usefulness of guillotine paper cutter. This machine doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Guillotine paper cutter is a true workhorse in any office. It can cut a wide variety of materials with great speed and precision.

This machine is very easy to use even for people who don’t like working with office equipment. With small size and elegant design, this cutting machine will look great in your office as decoration piece. You will also save a lot of time with this cutting machine. It beats using regular scissors or even electric paper cutter any day of the week. Guillotine paper cutter is a must have for any office.

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